Thailand-Ao Nang

The food in Thailand is fantastic. But I have already said that. 😉

We are still on the Indian Ocean side, just further south. More precisely in Ao Nang, a district of Krabi. The scenery is impressive, but so are the crowds. The locals no longer smile so warmly and bow less often. The prices are also more substantial. But all of this is not surprising with the flow of tourists that moves up and down the main street here every evening. On the contrary, we are always amazed at how friendly and patient people are. For example, yesterday we watched the chef fry meat and all sorts of marine animals on the grill. By the way, the sea creatures are still swimming in water buckets next to the fire, or crawling over and under each other on the side table.

We went on a one-day boat trip to the island world in front of Ao Nang with a Belgian and her daughter, whom we met at dinner the previous evening. I was so impressed by the boat and the captain that I didn’t pay attention to the wonderful landscape. The engine is so loud that you don’t understand your own word. An approximately five meter long drive rod is attached to the motor, at the end of which a small propeller with a diameter of approximately 40 centimeters rotates. This also controls the boat. It’s amazing how fast these old barges can get.

Incidentally, the captains are all as small and wiry as ours in the picture. When we made him aware of water entering between the planks, he smiled and covered us with a flood of words. We didn’t understand anything, but we stayed calm.

The landscape pictures speak for themselves. Anyone who looks at them understands why so many people are drawn here. Yes, it’s really beautiful here.

A few more words about the last two pictures. In German there is the word “Fressbude”. In the case of the colorful boat one could speak of a “food boat”. You have a complete kitchen on board. The sales booth is at the bow. While waiting, you stand in the water, which can reach almost up to your knees, depending on whether the tide is low or high. – Yes, we ate there too – it was delicious!

In the last picture a wedding is being prepared, which we unfortunately could not watch because we had to go back. I would marry “my Canadian” again immediately ;-), but not with a few hundred half-naked bathers as spectators. And who knows if a marriage which starts like that isn’t built on sand … 😉

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