Rohith Bajwa with his School Band

Celtic Air And Dance – Ottewell School Band Members – June 2020

“Some students, as part of their final project in band, participated in putting together a collaborative video performance. The result far and above exceeded my expectations for the project. Full credit to the students who practiced and worked extremely hard to make individual, near-perfect in tune and in time recordings of their parts. Credit also to Daniel Tran who did an amazing job (and a ton of work) editing everyone together. A special shout-out to the grade 7’s who participated in this project who had never once played the piece before in band. For the grade 9’s: What a great tribute to your time in band at Ottewell!”
Michael Sweeney

Public call for help to my two daughters

Dear Nini, best daughter in the world,
dear bean, best daughter in the world,

one of you two has to help me! Maybe both! It may be a little unfair of your father that I shout this wish out in public. I have two reasons for this. First, I have long wanted to tell the whole world what great women my two daughters are. Second, I want to show you drastically how desperate I am and how much I need your help.

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Funniest man

There are currently around 3.82 billion women living on Earth. Two of the most beautiful and brightest of them are called Tori and Hannah. They are my granddaughters.

These two gave me the greatest compliment I’ve ever received in my long life. Before I reveal what they said, I have to tell you a little bit about my son and our relationship to each other.

The relationship between the two of us is straightforward and warm. There is only fierce competition in two areas:
1) Charm (as a property, game and method)
2) Humor (as a way of coping with life, even to “playing clown”)

With this in mind, you need to read the following text that my son emailed:

“Story for Papa: I asked the girls on the ride home who the funniest guy they know is. Daddy? (Me fishing). Answer back: ‘No, Grandpa is!’ hahaha”

Guys, you have to imagine that! Although his own father almost puts the answer in his daughters’ mouths, the two name Grandpa as the “funniest guy on earth”. Well, they didn’t say “from the whole world”, but that’s what they meant. 😉 Now you know why I’m so excited.

Now you want to know whether this opinion caused any psychological damage to my son?
My answer: “No, definitely not. He’s better than his father in everything else.”

Thailand-Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is in the north of Thailand and is the second largest city in the country. Chiang Mai is very different from Bangkok. There are few high-rise buildings, but all the more small streets and squares. The many temples shape the image of the city. The weather in January is excellent for European visitors. Chiang Mai is never too hot and never too cold. We found that very pleasant. The traffic isn’t quite as crazy as in the capital either.

The area in and around Chiang Mai has a lot to offer, but we did not have enough time – a reason to come back.

If you want to see some pictures,

click here.

Thailand-Ao Nang

The food in Thailand is fantastic. But I have already said that. 😉

We are still on the Indian Ocean side, just further south. More precisely in Ao Nang, a district of Krabi. The scenery is impressive, but so are the crowds. The locals no longer smile so warmly and bow less often. The prices are also more substantial. But all of this is not surprising with the flow of tourists that moves up and down the main street here every evening. On the contrary, we are always amazed at how friendly and patient people are. For example, yesterday we watched the chef fry meat and all sorts of marine animals on the grill. By the way, the sea creatures are still swimming in water buckets next to the fire, or crawling over and under each other on the side table.

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