Funniest man

There are currently around 3.82 billion women living on Earth. Two of the most beautiful and brightest of them are called Tori and Hannah. They are my granddaughters.

These two gave me the greatest compliment I’ve ever received in my long life. Before I reveal what they said, I have to tell you a little bit about my son and our relationship to each other.

The relationship between the two of us is straightforward and warm. There is only fierce competition in two areas:
1) Charm (as a property, game and method)
2) Humor (as a way of coping with life, even to “playing clown”)

With this in mind, you need to read the following text that my son emailed:

“Story for Papa: I asked the girls on the ride home who the funniest guy they know is. Daddy? (Me fishing). Answer back: ‘No, Grandpa is!’ hahaha”

Guys, you have to imagine that! Although his own father almost puts the answer in his daughters’ mouths, the two name Grandpa as the “funniest guy on earth”. Well, they didn’t say “from the whole world”, but that’s what they meant. 😉 Now you know why I’m so excited.

Now you want to know whether this opinion caused any psychological damage to my son?
My answer: “No, definitely not. He’s better than his father in everything else.”