Together we are strong

Hello dear children,

oh how painful is that!

“What happened?” You are probably asking now. Easy, easy! I will tell you in detail and of course hope for your pity. Who else should I tell about my injured ego, if not my children? !!?

Because I want to make my wife happy, we are planting the terrace this year. As beautiful as never before! Your mother will send you pictures when everything is ready. In advance, she had countered my question whether she was happy with the counter question: “And you? Are you happy too?”

Today it showed once again how exhausting it can be to grow old next to your mother. As at the beginning of our relationship, the two most important qualities that I miss very much in my wife are comfort and admiration. I was underserved all these years!

But now to the events! It should be noted in advance that everything happened exactly as it is written in the text. As you know me, I only tell stories that life actually writes. Admittedly, out of a desire to use the language, I decorate some things a little so that the events do not lose their dynamism. πŸ˜‰

We were at the nursery today, doing a bulk purchase. Among other things, we got two sacks of garden soil, each of which holds sixty liters. When I got home, I tuck one of these sacks under my arm to carry it from the elevator through the apartment to the terrace. “Sauschwer”, I think and moan a little more. In the middle of the living room, I can no longer hold the casual impression and I also have to use my second hand. The sack threatens to slip out of my arms. Your mother’s question “Should I help you?” I dismiss grumpily and instead say: “Get me the scales!”

Then she: “The Libra? What for?”

“Because of my vanity,” I poison.

I continue a little more binding, more to myself: “The sack doesn’t have sixty kilograms! There’s no water in it, just a little damp earth!” “I guess around forty-five kilos,” I press out, gasping for breath, as your mother puts the scales in front of me. “But could also be a little more.”, I add and try to put on a connoisseur expression.

For a moment, I think I see a tiny spark of respect in my wife’s otherwise puzzled expression. But that was probably just my imagination. Because it got a lot thicker!

To make a long story short, the sack with the garden soil weighs exactly 27.7kg. My breath has calmed down a bit, but it still leaves me speechless. My self-confidence slips into the basement at the speed of light.

Instead of comforting her kinked husband like a normal wife, my wife continues and wipes out the last vanity in me in a second with a stump and a stick. With the first smile of the day and an understanding gesture, she says to me:
“Good thing we sold the Land Cruiser, darling. (She actually said darling!) You wouldn’t be able to get the 42kg spare wheel off the roof!”

I still grumble something of “inner strength”, which she has given me, but it is too late. Resolutly helps them, and together we carry the sack of garden soil from the middle of our living room to the terrace.

So, dear children. I actually wanted to ask for your pity at the end of this story. Because you three can always rebuild me from experience. πŸ™‚ But I am now generously foregoing this and would rather show you my ability to learn, although I am finally going against the ninety. πŸ˜‰

So what does this little event say?
She teaches me that we are still strong together.
She teaches you that you don’t have to worry about your parents, even though you are so far away, because together they can deal with even the smallest problem.

Your father