Querceto, Toskana, Italy

Greetings from Querceto, a tiny, ancient village in Tuscany in Italy. The Castello

You can see from far away, because it protrudes clearly over the many wooded hills. But finding the village afterwards is not that easy. Even the navigation system has its problems. How good that “my Canadian scout” has yet found any target!

A narrow, winding road climbs steadily up the hill, sometimes so steep that our little Toyota even bothers in the first gear. We live in a beautifully restored old mansion, directly opposite the church. Apart from a small restaurant and an even smaller bodega, there is nothing here. In the evening, people are sitting at the door, drinking a glass of wine, talking or making music. Soooooo relaxing!

Yes, there is a swimming pool! Ten minutes on foot, in the middle of the forest, not visible from the street. The huge property belongs to a rich family from Florence, who has restored everything with much love (and money) and has built this swimming pool in a small side valley. It is fed from a source and makes a very neat impression.

Our stay here is a birthday present from Marjorie to me. We spend a week reading, writing, hiking, swimming and enjoying the excellent wine. The wine grows further down the hillside in the private fields of the Ginori Lisci family. Our favorite is a Merlot with the melodious name “Campordigno”.

We often drove past Pisa. Now we have finally looked at the tower.
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