Public call for help to my two daughters

Dear Nini, best daughter in the world,
dear bean, best daughter in the world,

one of you two has to help me! Maybe both! It may be a little unfair of your father that I shout this wish out in public. I have two reasons for this. First, I have long wanted to tell the whole world what great women my two daughters are. Second, I want to show you drastically how desperate I am and how much I need your help.

You guess right, the reason for my depression is the virus. But different than you probably think. I’m not afraid of Corona or Covid or whatever the thing is called. And quarantine is not a deterrent term for me, but creates a “cabin feeling” like back then in the Toyota Land Cruiser on the Panamericana. It is fantastic for me to always have the greatest woman in the world around me. So I should be perfectly happy. I am wishless, but not entirely happy. Why not?

Because your mother is sad so often. I understand that a little bit. We have six wonderful grandchildren, but five of them live in Canada. Far from us. So damn far away that even I sometimes cry. It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen her. This year there will be nothing to see again.

At least we now have a grandchild in Germany who makes our situation as grandma and grandpa a little more bearable – so we thought – it was like that – until six weeks ago. Then the stupid virus came. Now my wife can no longer hold the little one in my arms and I no longer have anyone who laughs at my nonsense as enthusiastically as my grandson. He is only six months old and understands all of my jokes.

Now to the question of how you can help me. I try everything to cheer my wife up again and again, which is not always easy after almost fifty years of marriage. Before I tell you about my brilliant idea, I will tell you about my last failed attempt to improve your mother’s mood a little bit.

The little one had looked at your mother last week. He had illuminated your mother for 15 minutes at a distance of 1.5 meters. Me too, of course, but being humble as I was – it wasn’t that important. For 15 minutes my wife was absolutely happy. When he left, there were 15 terrible minutes.

My wife went back into her chair and didn’t say a word. She didn’t cry. A woman who comes from the endless expanse of the Canadian West, who went to school at 40 degrees MINUS, who walked to the mailbox at 20 degrees in a T-shirt, does not cry. But her eyes shone so silvery and because I love her I saw her inner tears.

Then, I thought, a brilliant idea came to me. I knelt in front of her, made movements with my mouth like a carp in love and uttered the vowel “A” in very different sounds. Between a long stretched “Aaaahhhhh” (like after a cool beer) and a short, choppy “A a a a” (like when a baby fills the diapers) everything was there.

At first she looked at me, slightly disturbed. 15 steep folds above the root of the nose signaled misunderstanding and – worse for me – displeasure. “What’s this about?” She pressed out.

Me: “But honey, don’t you see?!? I’m your grandson! Don’t you at least recognize my mouth movements? Don’t you notice how violently I react to you? For half a year! I’ve been doing since I was born that!

After 5 seconds came this beautiful smile that I love about her. She smiled, people! She really smiled, if only for 5 seconds. “You smile,” I said happily. Her answer: “Yes, but the smile is not for you. It is for my grandson!” Then she smiled again.

And this time it was for me. I’m sure of that, because she said the sentence that is pretty high up in her sparse “Praise List”. She said: “You are crazy!”

But now finally to my second, again brilliant idea, for the realization of which I need you.

Please girls teach me to dance! Then I’ll make a video with you like the following. Your mother will be happy. Your luck will outlast the quarantine by far. And afterwards she can hug her grandson again.

Please be sure to read it before you watch the video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I can already tell you one thing:

In any case, I stab the father in the video!
My headgear is nicer than his. I will have a cap from the Edmonton Oilers on my head.
My t-shirt will be decorated with a large Canadian flag.
My belly beneath is not that big. I will also slim down further on this session.
After a few exercises, my movements will be much more graceful with you than his.
And I’ve already proven that my mouth movements are more appropriate than his (see example above!)
It’s really lucky for me that I don’t have to sing. I can’t do that. I don’t have to sing because he doesn’t sing either. And I can already guarantee you one thing: “My mouth movements will be much more delicate than his!”

Around the middle of the video, father and daughter lure the mother out of hiding and from the reserve. And the woman laughs and sings and dances !!! And how well she can dance! And how beautiful it is! And how she laughs!
Sorry, I’m anticipating. Just had your mother in mind.

It will be difficult to beat my dear daughters, father and daughter from this video. You are already targeting a million clicks. But girls, your father is a late bloomer, but I can still crank it up. We make the video in threes. Then we will crack the million!

I look forward to your reply until I leave
your very loving father

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