Public call for help to my son

Hello my dear son,

in these strange times it is not easy for your “old gentlemen” 😉 to keep your inner balance. Because on the one hand we have so much serious information that this stupid virus has to be taken seriously, on the other hand we don’t want to be pushed into the mainstream, which seems to be only focused on this topic.

As you have known since your childhood, there is a well-functioning division of labor between your parents: your father is responsible for theory, your mother for practice. Or to put it another way: Your father takes care of the really important things that go beyond the box. He is inspired by great thinkers, develops life models and formulates wisdom that no one has said before. A subtle sense of humor with a dash of self-irony has opened many doors for him, especially those to your mother’s heart. Your father is also a great fighter – with Don Quichotte as a role model.

In contrast to your – let’s say – dynamic father, your mother is a very smart and calm woman. Carefully and tirelessly, she always creates a new connection to everyday life. So many times your mother has lovingly brought your father back down to earth. Often enough, after one of his flights of fancy, she saved him from a crash landing and made it possible for him to land gently and gently.

When the children are out of the house, there are changes in many marriages. It is the same with your parents. However, these faults do not lead to tears in our relationship, but are expressed in a shift in the weight of our arguments and in a deepening of established patterns of behavior. Consolation methods that have actually proven themselves can no longer develop their full therapeutic potential in times of Corona. Instead of her children and the many grandchildren, only her husband wags around your mother. Not even a tired smile plays around her mouth when I joke full of dynamism and with the greatest possible charm. What if the spell is fifty years old ?!

As for me, I really care that I am no longer on stage. I always enjoyed applause and the spotlight (in contrast to your mother). In the meantime, I have to artificially create publicity by writing an “open letter” to my son, which brings me back to you about my concern …

I don’t want to have to rely on fifty-year-old jokes to get your mother out of her melancholy. That is why in my last post on this blog I turned to your two sisters and asked them publicly for help. Hopefully one of them will teach me to dance. I watched the video in the last post again and also rehearsed a few expressive contortions in front of the mirror. But secretly so that nobody laughs too early. I will definitely be better than this father there in the video. However, I am not sure that your mother finds my dance performance particularly funny.

That’s why I want to be on the safe side and also ask for your help – of course also in public. I also want to start by saying the price I’m willing to pay you for your help:

I will forgive you for (almost) always helping your mother.

I find that very generous of mine, because please consider how difficult it is for my ego to ask my son to cheer up my wife.

If you do the same with your cute, good-looking, talented daughters as this father did in the video (link below!), Then your mother will be totally smitten with you, and all female beings between eight and eighty anyway. Both in Canada and in Germany!

A hopeful greeting
your father

So now you can click here:

Father and daughter